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Learn French fastHave you always wanted to indulge yourself by experiencing the romance of Paris? Explore quaint French villages? Sun yourself on the famous French Riviera?

Are you one of those people who are convinced that they simply can’t learn French? Are you imagining the embarrassment of jabbing your finger hopefully at something on the menu instead of being able to order with ease? Is the thought of becoming lost and asking for directions keeping you from calling your travel agent? Are you afraid your trip to France will involve the frustration of communicating with hand gestures while you wish you’d stayed home?


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  • Because the secret to learning a foreign language quickly and easily is not found in boring textbooks. Language is learned by listening.
  • Because of Audible French’s unique SLOW SOUND feature. This gives you the opportunity to hear the phrase slowly and at normal speed, so you learn the correct pronunciation easily.
  • Because all you need is to learn for an enjoyable vacation is to combine nouns, idioms, and phrases into short sentences any tourist can use.
  • Because our day-to-day study plan ensures you’ll learn in the most effective, easy way, building your repertoire of French phrases quickly.

Learn French fast now! All it takes is one week, a quick 7 days, to be on your way to speaking French like a local.


Free French Audio Lessons