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How do you say Goodbye in French

Goodbye in French isAu revoir

When you visit France or another French-speaking country, you’ll have such a good time you won’t want to say goodbye – but unfortunately you must, so it’s wise to learn how to say it properly. Although many French phrases take some practice to master, the French for goodbye is just three syllables:

Au revoir !

The trick lies in the accent. Saying “oh ravore” just won’t do, and will brand you as not only a tourist but one who doesn’t care enough about this lovely country to learn to speak its language well. The proper way to say goodbye in French sounds much more like “oh re-VWA.” Play the audio clip on this page and try to match your pronunciation of the phrase with the speaker on the clip. And remember that when you say goodbye in French, you must say it cheerfully! “Au revoir” really means “until I see you again,” and you will be back, won’t you?

play Au revoir !

Repeat this audio lesson a couple of times aloud until you can pronounce GoodbyeAu revoir” in French correctly.

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