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How do you say I Love You in French

French is indeed the language of love, and even if you’re not planning a trip to a French-speaking country right away, learning to say “I Love You” in French is fun. The words are written je t’aime, and the phrase sounds more or less like zhaTEMM. (Listen to the audio clip on this page.)

Are you wondering why “I Love You” is three words in English but only two in French? The secret is in that little “t” followed by an apostrophe in the second word, t’aime. The “t” is a contraction of the French word for “you.” So the phrase really says “I you love.” But in French it sounds much more romantic!

When you do visit France, or any region with a majority of French-speakers and French customs, you may find that French people are very demonstrative. They hug one another in the streets, and invariably greet friends with a kiss on the cheek. You may find plenty of opportunities to say “I love you” in French!

play Je t’aime.
I love you.


play Moi aussi je t’aime, Pierre !
I love you too, Pierre!

Repeat this audio lesson a couple of times aloud until you can pronounce I love youje t’aime” in French correctly.

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