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How do you say My Name Is in French

How do you ask someone’s name in French? It’s not as straightforward as it might seem!

In English, we just ask “What’s your name?” But in French, you ask a person what he or she is called. You’re not asking for a nickname – you want their actual legal name. But the question you ask is “Comment vous appelez-vous ?” – how do you call yourself?

When you answer that question, you say “Je m’appelle John” – my name is John. The French words for “My name is” sound something like Zhuh mappelle, followed by your name, of course. But you should listen to the audio clip on this page to perfect your pronunciation.
Learning how to say “My name is” in French is a basic skill you’ll use many times per day in French-speaking countries. The French culture is very friendly, so expect to tell people your name a lot!

play Je m’appelle…
My name is…


play Je m’appelle Karen.
My name is Karen.

Repeat this audio lesson a couple of times aloud until you can pronounce My name isje m’appelle” in French correctly.

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