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You’ve wanted to learn French, you put it off, and now you need to learn French fast. Welcome to your first day of Audible French’s Basic Conversational French course! If you have a week to spare, you can pick up enough French from Audible French to travel, improve your pronunciation, or carry on a simple conversation to put a French-speaker at ease. Most “quickie” French courses just give you a tiny glossary of basic words and a few phrases demonstrating the use of those words in a sentence. Audible French gives you so much more – and best of all, it’s fun! (Don’t forget to check out our 7-day Study Plan for best results.)


Section One of our course provides you with 33 tips for studying the French language more efficiently and effectively. You’ll learn how to use your natural learning style to your best advantage, how to use memory aids to assist you in remembering your new language, and much, much more. Did you know, for example, that studying French each day helps every student, but getting up at the crack of dawn to study may not help you? You’ll learn why in Section One!

Section Two will teach you French words grouped into ten important topics – traveling, hotels, shopping, eating out, dealing with emergencies, and the like. Section Three teaches you to use your new vocabulary in phrases, and introduces idioms such as “Au Secours!” (Help!) that have no literal English translation but are essential to know. Also, you’ll learn to vary a basic sentence, turning “We have a reservation” into “I have no reservation” – since you can never tell which one may apply to you! And finally, Section Four will test your knowledge in a series of actual French conversations.

But there’s a surprise – instead of a series of boring, stilted, and random dialogues, the conversations in Audible French are structured like an engaging audio play. You’ll enjoy following the adventures of Karen, Jacques, and Pierre as they move from a formal meeting in a Paris café to a friendship – and possibly more. You’ll have to make it all the way through to the last lesson to find out what happens!

Best of all, every word, phrase, or sentence in Audible French is shown printed out on the screen and can be played in audio format, so you’ll be able to both hear and read the French words. For most people, this is the best way to lock the words in your memory.

Even though Audible French endeavors to make your study of French as enjoyable as possible, it’s not always easy, and there will be many days you’d just rather do something else. Section Five provides you with suggestions on how to stay motivated to the end of the course and beyond. After all, you’ll be so proud of the French you’ve learned that you’ll want to keep on studying and learning more and more. The techniques you’ll learn from Audible French will stand you in good stead, long after you’ve finished this little course.

In Section Six you’ll learn just the right amount of grammar – not too much and not too little. Because after all, Audible French teaches you just the French you need.

Remember you can click on the blue Course Sitemap button on the bottom of pages if you need to find a specific course page.

So – are you ready to embark on your French adventure? Let’s begin!

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Lesson 5 - Emergencies

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