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Section 4

French Conversations

Section Four is where the Audible French system differs a bit from your typical language course. In this section, you will read (and hear) a series of French conversations that tie into the topics covered by the previous lessons. For example, the topic of Lesson One is Greetings and Introductions, and in the conversation attached to this lesson, a young Englishwoman named Karen meets an older man named Jacques in a café. Of course there are greetings and introductions, and many of the words and phrases you learned in section two and three will be used here.

But the point of those conversations is not for you to memorize every sentence they say. There is no point, for example, in learning to say “I am twenty-four years old” unless you are. There is every point in your learning to understand someone who tells you they’re twenty-four years old, and there’s every point in your learning the form of “I am ___ years old (which in French is actually “I have ___ years”).

The point of Section Four is to use these entertaining conversations to test your newly-acquired knowledge of French. Jot down words and phrases that come up that you don’t recognize, and also words you need to learn. And when you’re repeating the sentences for practice, make sure to say them a little bit faster than the speakers in the audio clip. They may sound plenty fast to you, but trust me, native French speakers talk really fast, so you need to accustom both your ear and your tongue to that.

Are you ready for the adventures of Karen, Jacques, and Pierre? Allons-y! (That’s “Go ahead” to you English-speakers – but you’re a French-speaker now, n’est-ce pas?)

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