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Do you know how to learn French?

How to Learn FrenchIf you can learn English, you can learn French.

You don’t believe me? Why not? Maybe you’ve tried to tackle a foreign language in school – without much success. Maybe you’ve purchased several different language instruction programs that didn’t meet your needs, or maybe you’ve downloaded poorly-designed language lessons from the Internet. In other words, you’ve been burned by some bad experiences, and now you’re convinced that the problem is you – you’re hopeless.

Well, you’re not hopeless. Your bad experiences in the past are just that – past. This is a new day, and experts now know a lot more about how people acquire language than was common knowledge only a few decades ago. For example, until recently, teachers seldom took into account the obvious fact that no two students learn exactly the same way, and successful curriculums need to address different learning styles with different learning techniques. So you simply may have found yourself locked into a study method that did not work for you.

You’re mature enough to stick to a lesson plan, but also discerning enough to choose a language instruction system that teaches you French in a variety of different ways. You’re intelligent enough to realize that learning phrases isn’t enough; you’ll need to reinforce and build on that foundation in order to say what you need to say. And you’re decisive enough to realize that if the curriculum you’ve chosen really isn’t working for you, there are plenty of others that will.

In the course that follows, you’ll find not only 33 tips guaranteed to help you learn French, but three separate sections that will teach you French words, phrases and conversational French. And at the very end, motivational techniques to keep your spirits high and your interest piqued as you progress toward mastery of the language.

So are you ready? There’s no better time to begin than now. Take a deep breath — and get set to learn French with Audible French!

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