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#23 Use all the parts of your French instruction package!

Many people think that because they’re auditory learners, they can ignore the video games that come with their French lessons – or because they’re kinesthetic learners, they can jump right to the video games and ignore the conversations. No, no, no, no, no. Whichever French language program you choose has been put together by experts, and is structured the way it is for a reason. If you love to read, you may not adore the video games as much as a hardcore gamer, but you’ll learn from them – so give them a try.

If you’re an auditory learner, you may not enjoy reading books in French, but the practice is good for you (and reading the words out loud will help propel you through the book).

And if you’re a visual learner, you may not think you’re getting a thing out of the conversations, but you are – especially if you read along with the printed transcripts that accompany the audio recordings. (By the way, if you are a visual learner, make absolutely sure before you purchase the program that there are transcripts for all the dialogues from the very first lesson on. An all-auditory program is not for you.)

#24 Find a good place to study.

This, again, should be obvious – but you have no idea how many people are clueless regarding their own study needs! Some people love to study in cafés; others can’t filter out the distractions. Some people love to study on a bus or train; other people find the movement makes them sick. If you’re going to practice your dialogues out loud, it helps if you’re alone – but if you murmur your French sentences in the public library, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice. (Do remember to articulate, though; slurred French isn’t pretty.)

In the end, where you choose to study doesn’t have to work for anybody else, as long as it totally works for you. Try a few different places, and you’ll soon see where you’re able to concentrate and where you’re not. Once you’ve found your place, stick with it – the repetition of going to that particular spot at that particular time will help you reinforce your study habit, and that’s half the battle in learning French.

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