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33 Ways to Learn French

33 Ways to Learn FrenchSo you need to learn French? Don’t stress – as languages go, French is not a terribly difficult language for English-speaking people to learn. On the other hand, even though there are many similarities between English and French words, the sentence structure and pronunciation are quite different, so becoming fluent does require work and self-discipline. Fortunately, this guide on How to Learn French will give you 33 easy suggestions to make your job manageable and fun.

#1 Figure out exactly what kind of French you want to learn, and what you plan to do with it.

French is spoken differently in different parts of the world. For example, the French spoken by the Québécois (French speaking citizens of Quebec in Canada) is different from the French spoken in Paris. And both are very different from the French spoken in various African countries, or the Creole French spoken in Haiti. So it’s not just a matter of learning French – you need to know where you’re planning to use this new language!

And what are you planning to do with your language? Well, speak it, of course, and read it to some extent. But to what extent, and in what setting? If you just want to visit some French cities and be able to find the bathroom and make your trains, you don’t really need to learn as much French as you would if you plan to undertake some sophisticated business or medical operations. You may decide that learning to speak the language is primary and reading is secondary. On the other hand, if you’re planning to study or conduct business in a French-speaking environment, reading becomes much more important. So first decide what you want to do with your new language, and customize your learning plan accordingly.

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