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#31 Surround yourself with everything French!

Put French travel posters around your room. Look for French sayings you can frame, such as “La vie est belle !” (Life is beautiful!). You can often find fabric imprinted with similar phrases at your local fabric shop. Pick up a small wroughtiron bistro table to use as a side table or desk. Shop for French music CDs, and stick them to your wall with removable tape; the little jewel boxes make clever frames for your French-themed art. (Don’t forget to actually play the CDs – even if you don’t understand all the lyrics, the sound of the language impresses itself on your subconscious.)

play La vie est belle !
Life is beautiful!

By immersing yourself in an environment that reminds you of your French studies, you prompt yourself to stick to them – and after all, décor isn’t permanent.

#32 If a learner’s forum or online chat comes with your French lessons, use it!

Many French learning systems sold today come with some form of interactive forum or chatline where you can ask native French speakers for assistance with your learning problems. This is a great opportunity for you to get definitive answers to your questions from people who know their stuff, so don’t be shy. Any service that will help you learn French is a gift. And the whole purpose of learning a language is to communicate, so get online and chat away!

#33 Above all, have fun learning French!

It’s not torture, and it’s not impossible. You can learn French; many people just like you do it every day; and by using the tips in this course, you’ll be surprised at how easily you’ll begin to pick it up. When your friends ask how you managed to learn French so fluently, don’t hesitate to tell them, “Well, I know 33 ways….

Have fun learning French!

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