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#2 Make a list of words and phrases you need to know.

This is closely tied to the reasons you need to learn the language in the first place. Some words and phrases will occur to you right away – “what time is it? where is the train station?” – while others will evolve over time. We suggest you buy a blank notebook now and jot down the words and phrases you expect to need (in English) and their translations in French. This will give you a direction to follow. (Plus, your notebook can become a study guide you can use whenever you have spare time.)

play Quelle heure est-il ?
What time is it?
play Où est la gare ?
Where is the train station?

#3 Don’t go anywhere without your French notebook!

This may, at first, seem silly – you’re not going to study while driving down the road, for heaven’s sake! But as you follow your daily routine, you’ll almost certainly think of new words you’d like to learn, and you may suddenly find you have five minutes of solitude you can use for study or review. Learning French is easy when you take advantage of every possible opportunity to make your new language part of your daily life!

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