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#4 Choose a method of learning French that matches the way you learn in general.

Choose a method of learning French.There are three basic learning styles; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Visual learners tend to remember what they see, which, for adults, means they remember what they read. If you need to write down dates and times, even for events occurring the following day; if you jot notes during a documentary or lecture in order to remember the thrust of the argument (or who said what); or if you tend to recall information you
read together with its placement on the page, you are probably a visual learner.

Auditory learners, on the other hand, tend to remember what they hear. If you can effortlessly retrieve entire conversations; if you follow lectures much more easily than textbooks; or if you can replicate foreign accents accurately, you are probably an auditory learner. (By the way, thank your lucky stars, for auditory learners have the easiest time picking up a foreign language!)

If you don’t think you’re either one of those – in fact, if you found school difficult and don’t think you learn easily at all – consider the possibility that you may be a kinesthetic learner, a person who learns by doing. Do you love video games and playing sports? Can you effortlessly ice a cake or change a spark plug after someone has shown you how to do it just once? You may be a kinesthetic learner, and the typical school curriculum is not set up for you.

So how do you choose a foreign language program to fit you? Clearly kinesthetic learners should avoid classrooms and visual learners need to learn to read their language as soon as possible. But the simplest answer is to find a learning system that teaches French in as many different ways as possible like Rocket French (www.rocketlanguages.com/french).

Many of today’s computer-based programs incorporate video games into their lesson plans – perfect for a kinesthetic learner. Auditory learners should avoid programs that emphasize visual tasks such as writing to the complete exclusion of the conversations at which they excel. And visual learners should make sure the program they choose enables them to write their new language as soon as possible, so they’ll have notes they can use for study and review. Whatever program you choose should still have recordings that teach you to pronounce the language correctly, you should have the freedom to chart your own course and choose a curriculum that works for you!

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