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#5 Choose a program with a good audio component.

Good audio componentRegardless of whether you’ve chosen to learn French online, in a classroom, or in front of a television set, you need CDs or mp3 recordings to listen to. Unless you have a very serious hearing impairment, this rule isn’t negotiable, so let me say it again: you NEED to listen to CDs or mp3 recordings, because this is how you are going to learn French!

You may argue that you are a visual learner (fine, I am too), or that you only remember what you read. But if that were true, you never would have learned English in the first place. Visual learners need an audio-based program with a great deal of printed or web-based backup material to reinforce what they’re hearing.

Kinesthetic learners need a good audio-based program complemented with French language based activities like video games. Think about it. If you don’t have an audio-based program, you won’t know how the language sounds – and consequently, you won’t be able to learn to speak it. So get the very best audiobased program you can afford, and use it consistently. Our French words, phrases and conversation audio recordings are great tools to build your French vocabulary. Check them out as soon as you are done with this section.

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