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#10 Talk, talk, talk!

Talk FrenchUse every opportunity you can to practice your French out loud. Many language programs today offer not only recorded conversations you can listen to, but also technology that analyzes your attempts to speak. This is very good, but it’s even better to find a real live French-speaking person and befriend him or her. Go out for coffee, go to a sporting
event, and chatter on in French. If your new friend’s English isn’t that great, all the better –she can help you learn French as you help her learn English.

But where do you meet French speakers? Try Meetup.com – you may be able to connect with someone, or even a group of people, interested in learning French, or French people wishing to learn English. If all else fails, post your desire to meet a French-speaking friend on Facebook or Twitter and see what happens!

#11 Consider old-fashioned methods as well as new technology.

There are apps available for your iPod, Blackberry, or SmartPhone that will enable you to study and practice French on the go – while you wait for a train or bus, while sitting in the doctor’s office, while dining alone. But there are lower-tech methods, too! For instance, remember flashcards? They are easy to make from scrap paper or 3×5 index cards, and there are even Word flashcard templates for those who simply can’t leave that computer alone. Google “How to Make Flash Cards” and have fun creating your own study guides!

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