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How to Stay Motivated While You Learn French?

Stay Motivated Learning FrenchWhen you first begin to learn French, the whole process is exciting, and you’re confident that you’ll be able to master this language in no time flat. But it doesn’t take long for it to feel like a chore. Perhaps you haven’t learned to speak fluent French overnight as you expected you would; the lessons and studying seem like they’re cutting into your leisure time. All in all, you’ve lost your motivation.

Never fear! Here are eight simple tricks you can use to keep your interest level high and motivate you toward mastering French.

Determine how long you have to learn the language, and why you need to do so.

This is important, because a person visiting Paris for a week doesn’t need to learn the language as thoroughly as someone who will be working there for a year or more. Also, a tourist may be able to get by with just a few dozen phrases, but a person planning to study and live in France will need to be able to speak and read the language quite well.

And finally, consider your time frame. If you only have a few weeks before you leave for your French-speaking country, you simply won’t have time to master the language, and there’s no sense pretending that you will. But two weeks is plenty of time to learn how to tell time in French, understand directions, order food, and find a bathroom. Don’t try and take on more than it’s humanly possible to handle, and you won’t set yourself up for frustration.

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