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Section 5

Visualize yourself speaking French.

This sounds really silly, but it works! Before each study session, close your eyes for a moment and picture yourself conversing in French. If you’re learning French in order to take a trip, picture yourself in Paris, effortlessly ordering from a menu or chatting with people on the street.

If you’re learning French for business, picture yourself in a high-level business meeting with superiors who are fascinated by every word you say. Invest a lot of creativity in this picture, taking note of the clothing of your new acquaintances and the setting of your fantasy. Emphasize how easily the conversation flows and how your mastery of French enables you to get precisely what you want.

Figure out how YOU learn.

We covered this more thoroughly elsewhere in the course, but here’s a reminder: not everyone learns the same way. If you’re studying French diligently but getting frustrated because it’s no fun, you’re probably trying to study in a way that doesn’t match your learning style.

Visual learners become easily frustrated by instructional programs that are all auditory – they need something to read.

Auditory people, on the other hand, become restless if there’s too much to read and too little to listen to.

Kinesthetic learners, who learn best by doing, need to listen to the conversations and complete the written exercises (if any), but make sure their instructional program offers something to do with their hands – like video games! If you’re not really sure how you learn, mix it up until you find a combination of learning and study techniques that works for you.

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