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Section 3

French Phrases

Well, you’ve made it all the way to Section Three, French Phrases. You probably feel like you’re drowning in French words, and you have no place to put them! If so, you’ll feel much more comfortable here. Now we are going to give you something to do with your words – put them in phrases where they’ll actually be useful.

One bit of advice. As you proceed from section to section, you’ll notice the speaker providing the audio will speak faster and faster. The speaker was quite slow in Section Two to give you a chance to really hear and wrap your mouth around the sound of each individual syllable, and get a solid feel for French pronunciation. In this section, we assume that you’re already comfortable repeating the words, and you remember what they mean. So the speaker will go a bit faster.

Make sure you keep up with Karen (Audrey); in fact, try and repeat her phrases just a little bit faster than she does. Although French is a very melodic language, native French speakers tend to talk very fast, which is not helped by the tendency of French’s liquid vowels and consonants to blur together. Since the entire French-speaking world is not going to slow down just for you, you’re going to have to get used to talking faster.

As you work through this section, you’ll probably find yourself making up little conversations of your own. That’s just fine! Think about it – you’re speaking French!

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