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7-day Study Plan


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How to Tackle Audible French

7-day Study PlanStudying on your own is a bit different than studying in a classroom with a professor; sometimes it’s hard coming up with your own assignments! Here are some suggestions for completing Audible French in a week’s time and getting the most out of it.

On the first day, listen to Section One, the 33 tips on learning French. Okay, you don’t have to listen to this section, but many people have found it immensely helpful in figuring out how to best customize your French studies to suit your own learning style, as well as how to lock unfamiliar information into your memory so it can be retrieved at will. Really spend some time with Section One, and you’ll be rewarded in the end.

On the second day, you’ll begin your study of French in earnest. Play the audio track for Lesson One, Introductions and Greetings. Begin with the Words and proceed to the Phrases. Don’t look at the written transcripts – just listen for now. Do you recognize words you’ve heard in other contexts (like “Bonjour”)? Do you get a sense of the way the questions and answers fit together (“Comment ça va ?” “Ça va bien”). After you’ve listened very carefully to the audio clips for Lesson One, you may listen again with the written transcripts in front of you if it makes you more comfortable. Either way, make sure you listen to the entire lesson at least twice, repeating each word and phrase after the speaker as clearly as you can. You’ll be amazed at how much more you get out of your second encounter with the lesson than you did the first. Don’t try and do any more than Lesson One today, because all this information is unfamiliar and it takes a while for your brain to absorb it. Before you end your session, though, listen to the conversation for Lesson One and see how much of it you understand. I bet you’ll surprise yourself!

On the third day, you can ramp it up a little bit. Try repeating the method you used for studying Lesson One with Lessons Two and Three. Remember to consciously try and lock each word into your memory – if you visualize locking it into a little post-office box with a key, that may help. And when the word comes up again, pause the track to give your mind a chance to retrieve it before the software gives the answer away. You can do this! It’s now a good time to have a look at our grammar lessons to learn more how the language is structured. It’s now a good time to have a look at our grammar lessons to learn more how the language is structured.

On the fourth day, tackle Lessons Four and Five, using the same method as above. Now is the point where things may begin to bog down for you – you’ve learned a lot of information, but it still looks like there’s so much more to learn. If you’re getting even a tiny bit discouraged, click on the “Motivation” section on the sidebar and use those tips to keep your spirits high.

On the fifth day, begin Lessons Six and Seven. You may want to plan some enrichment activities to keep your motivation high and relieve the “sameness.” Maybe you could try watching a French movie – without subtitles! – check out a children’s book in French from the library, or try writing a simple letter or Facebook post in French. If any of your Facebook friends speak French, this might be a great opportunity for enhancing your education!

On the sixth day, do Lessons Eight and Nine. If you’re really ambitious, try Ten as well. Remember only a few days ago, you couldn’t do more than one lesson per day? This was because every French word and sound was new to you. Now it’s old hat – you’re on your way to becoming a pro!

At last you’ve reached your last day of Audible French! Play over every conversation track in order, from Lesson One to Lesson Ten. Did you follow the whole story? Do you think that if you met these people in a French setting, you could interact with them and become part of the story yourself? Well, that’s the rest of your assignment for today. Find opportunities for you to not only read or hear French, but speak it as well. Your solution might be as close as your local French restaurant or high school French department. Find someone to talk to, and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ll go!

And just think – a week ago you didn’t speak French at all!