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Section 2

French Words

Here you’ll notice that below we have French Words, Lessons One Through Ten. Each lesson centers on a different situation or activity that you’d be almost certain to encounter when visiting a French-speaking country. For example, Lesson One covers Greetings and Introductions, Lesson Two covers Socializing, and Lesson Three covers words you’d use when Traveling.

You may wonder why you’re being asked to memorize a list of seemingly random words. After all, you’re unlikely to walk up to a stranger on a Paris street and say “The train station.” On a practical note, if that’s all you remember, you will be directed to the train station. But more importantly, isolating the words in this way gives you a chance to practice them slowly and deliberately. We’ll speed up when we begin using your vocabulary words in sentences. For now, focus on repeating them clearly, mimicking the speaker’s pronunciation as closely as you can.

You may also wonder why you’re being asked to memorize “THE train station” (la gare) instead of just gare. It’s quite simple. Unlike English, French has masculine and feminine nouns. It also has masculine and feminine articles (like “the”) to go with them. When using a masculine noun, you use the masculine article, which is le. When using a feminine noun, you use the feminine article, which is la. Don’t ask why a train station is feminine; just remember to learn the noun with its article from the very beginning, or you’ll never remember later on.

Are you lost? Hover over the top navigation bar buttons on each page and quickly jump between lessons and sections. The green next or previous buttons below will direct you in the correct order how these lessons were created, beginning with words lesson 1, then you’ll go to phrases lesson 1 and then you’ll test yourself with conversations lesson 1. After lesson 1 you’ll proceed to lesson 2 in the same order beginning with words, and then its phrases and you’ll end with the conversation lesson. Remember to use the memorization techniques suggested in Section One to lock each word into your memory bank. You never know when you’ll find a need for them!

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