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Using Audible French’s fun, easy-to-follow method you can learn to speak modern day conversational French quickly and easily…even if other courses have failed you.


How to Learn French
33 Study Techniques

French Words
280 Essential Words

French Phrases
528 Useful Phrases

French Conversations
Realistic Conversations

Motivational Tips
Motivational Tips

French Grammar
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“I found that the slow playback button was very useful because French is very focused on pronunciation so you can really focus on getting it right.” Simone


Introducing Audible French!

Gerrit du PlessisBonjour ! If you want to learn to speak French, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Gerrit du Plessis I’m the founder of Audible French. We know there are many really good French instructional programs out there. But not all of them suit your needs. For example, if you’re just learning French because you want to travel, you don’t need business or academic French – you need practical conversational French, which is what you’ll get with Audible French.

If you’re just interested in picking up the highlights of a foreign language, you probably don’t have the money to spend on a $500 course – and with Audible French, you’ll be able to learn French for free!

If you’re looking for something to give you a leg up in French class, Audible French will teach you just enough French to boost your confidence. And if you’ve been looking for a course that tourists and beginners can enjoy without getting bogged down in grammar, Audible French may be the answer to your prayers. Everybody’s different, and their reasons for learning French are different. There’s no reason to spend hundreds of dollars and months of time on an expensive designer course if the solution to your problem can be found right here. Read on and learn how you’ll benefit using Audible French.


Audible French will work for you if:

  • You’ve never spoken a word of French.
  • You need to learn the language quickly before you visit a French-speaking country.
  • You are over 30 and “learning isn’t as easy as it used to be”
  • French has been difficult for you in the past.
  • You don’t have a lot of time to devote to lessons.

Does it frustrate you when other people pick up a foreign language easily, while you struggle to remember even the simplest phrases? Do people laugh at your terrible accent? Do you have problems finding the right words to use?

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges, then let me tell you…

It’s not your fault! In most cases, you don’t need to study French harder, you need to study French better. Our proven French course will help you identify the special way your mind learns, and harness that power to make your French lessons actually stick.

In 7 days – one week — you can pick up enough French to travel, raise your grades in French class, or carry on a casual conversation with a French-speaking friend.


“I just want lessons I can use!”

With Audible French, that’s what you’ll get. You’ll learn sentences that actually fit your situation — simple phrases such as

  • “How much do I owe you?”
  • “Does anyone here speak English?”
  • “Please take us to the bus station.”

But better yet, you’ll also learn to create easy variations on these basic sentences, such as “Please take me to the airport.” After all, you won’t always be going to the bus station! There is a wealth of information in Audible French, and it’s all information you can actually put to good use!


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Audible French is so easy to use, it’s almost magic.

If you need to make yourself understood in a foreign country, what do you really need?

You need nouns, idioms, and simple phrases.

A noun, of course, is the name of a person, place, or thing. Bird is a noun. Home is a noun. Michael Jackson is a proper noun, but a noun all the same.

An idiom, if you’ve forgotten your grammar lessons, is an expression in which the individual words taken together mean something different from what they’d mean separately. For example, to say “please” in French, you’d say s’il vous plaît. Literally, s’il means “is it,” vous means “you,” and plaît means “please.” Is it you please? Logically, it makes no sense, but that’s how to say “please.”

And phrases – common phrases like Quelle heure est-il (what time is it), as well as sentence fragments like j’ai (I have), je ne pas (I don’t) or je suis (I am) – form the foundation of the simple questions and responses you will be likely to make in a traveling situation.

So if you know nouns – l’aéroport (airport), for example – together with idioms like s’il vous plaît and a few phrases like Je ne parle pas français (I don’t speak French), you’ll be able to make yourself completely understood. For example, if you approach the staff at your hotel with a sort of bashfully hopeful look on your face and say “L’aéroport, s’il vous plaît?” and “Je ne parle pas français,” somebody will make sure you get to the airport.

This is a temporary solution, of course – you don’t want to go through a French-speaking country telling people you don’t speak French. You want to learn as much French as possible before you go. But for maximum effectiveness, focus on nouns, idioms, and common phrases. Absorb as many of them as you can, so you’ll have some kind of response in every situation.


That’s exactly the philosophy behind Audible French!

You get a complete day-to-day study plan for learning basic French in just 7 days. That means you won’t have to study forever in order to start speaking French just like the French locals. And it means that you can immediately start using the language that you’ve learned.

The course is broken into the following six sections.

Section 1 - Audible French Section 1 - How to Learn French

In Section One, you’ll receive 33 sure-fire techniques to help you get the most out of Audible French. Some of these tips will help you learn any language – and even ANY SUBJECT – you’ll ever study. Others are specific to the study of French. This is the part that many language courses fail to address.

This is what Charl from South Africa thought about this section: “…the tips on how to study French, for me, were the biggest eye-opener — the best one being the need to find a way to learn French that matches the way you learn in general…”

So here’s some of what you’re going to learn in Section One.

You’ll learn:

Why it’s so important to identify why you’re learning French. Answering this question will help keep you focused on your course like a laser-beam.
What are the main learning styles and how to know which one you have. Knowing your learning style can literally save you years of time that you could have easily wasted with courses or materials that are not suitable for the way your mind works.
The three things you should do right from the beginning in order to master basic French in the shortest time possible.
How to identify the special words that will help you translate related words quickly. These words are like keys that open up the doors to other words. Knowing these words will save you many precious hours.
Three types of words that are absolutely essential for learning basic French fast.
How to know that you’re on the right track and how to stay on it. This technique will act as a guiding lamp and put you back on track if you stray from it.
Two types of speech French speakers use every day — and when you should use them.
An amazingly useful way to improve your French written skills.
What to do every day to hard-wire what you’ve learned into your mind so you never forget it.
How your tone of voice and body language can help boost your grasp of basic French.
One thing you should focus on more, and one thing you don’t need to worry about.
When not to study.
Why you should pronounce French words like French, not English.
What to learn in addition to the language that will fast-forward your progress.
One essential key that will help you get the most out of your French language study.

Section 2 - Audible French Section 2 - French Words

In Section Two, you’ll receive 280 of the most commonly used French words as well as their audio clips and French/English transcripts.

These words cover the ten most common topics used in a French-speaking environment, namely Greetings, Socializing, Travelling, At the Hotel, Emergencies, Eating Out, Shopping, The Weather, Numbers, and Days & Time. Learning these words will give you a valuable head start toward building a useable vocabulary.

You can also download the course material of each lesson in the form of MP3 audio files with English/French narration, and the PDF transcript of each lesson which you can printout. We are also in the process of adding video lessons to help you learn even faster.

Our new Slow Sound feature will help you pronounce those difficult French words even more accurately. Just press the red audio buttons where available and listen to that specific word of phrases at a much slower speed.

Listen to the examples below:

play play Les Etats-Unis
The United States
play play Angleterre
play play Irlande

Section 3 - Audible French

Section 3 - French PhrasesIn Section Three, you’ll receive 528 of the most common French idioms and phrases in Audio Clips … plus French/English transcripts.

These phrases will help you make use of the words you learned in Section Two in useful contexts and sentences. So if you learned the word “l’aéroport” in Section Two, Section Three will teach you to ask how to get to the airport or how far the airport is. You’ll learn useful phrases ranging from “Please take me to the airport” to “Do you love me?”

Listen to the examples below:

play play D’où viens-tu ? (informal) D’où venez-vous ? (formal)
Where are you from?
play play Vous êtes d’Angleterre ?
Are you from England?
play play Ce sont des Américains ?
Are they from America?

Section 4 - Audible French

Section 4 - French ConversationsIn Section Four, you’ll receive 10 complete Conversational Audio Plays that are spoken in a native French accent. These conversations form the cornerstone of most language-learning systems. But with Audible French, you’ll notice a difference.

First – You’re not really expected to memorize the conversations – since you’ve already memorized the words and phrases, you have all the building blocks you need.

Second – The purpose of the conversations is to give you practice in listening, repeating, and translating – and also to entertain you. The Audible French conversations are structured like an audio play, and you’ll enjoy following the adventures of Karen, Jacques, and Pierre toward a happy ending!

These unique and fun French audio conversations will test your knowledge, so you will not only learn to speak French quickly but also enjoy doing it.

Listen to this short French conversation:


Jacques: Que veux-tu boire ?
What would you like to drink?
Karen: Je voudrais un café au lait.
I would like a coffee with milk.
Jacques: Un café au lait s’il vous plait !
A coffee with milk, please!
Karen: Vous ne voulez pas de café ?
Don’t you want coffee?
Jacques: Non, je n’aime pas le café, je prendrai une tasse de thé.
No, I don’t like coffee, but I’ll have a cup of tea.

Section 5 - Audible French

Section 5 - MotivationSection Five will provide you with valuable motivational tips to keep you inspired from the very first day of your French lessons to your completion of the mini-course.

Let’s face it – you won’t always feel like studying. But when you think of the end goal – the ability to actually carry out a spontaneous two-way conversation in French, understand native French speakers and be understood by them – it will all be worth it. Section Five will help you attain that wonderful feeling.

So here’s what you’ll learn in this section:

How long and why do you want to study? Determining this will help keep you focused.
How to imagine the end goal and use visualization to stay on track.
The best time and place to study.
How group study can help you.
What to do to improve your spoken French.

Section 6 - French Grammar Section 6 - Grammar

And finally, Grammar is the backbone of every language, but it’s the part students hate the most. If you had learned to speak French as a child, you’d have as intuitive and natural a grasp of French grammar as you do of English. But you didn’t—and since French grammar is often quite different from English, you find it completely baffling and you don’t want to study it.

Relax! Audible French really doesn’t focus on grammar to the extent that many other language programs do. Our motto is “Learn just the French you need,” and it’s our experience that you’ll pick up a lot of French grammar just from learning the phrases you need to get around a French-speaking country. And a lot of it you won’t even think about. For example, we could teach you conjugate the verb “to be.” But we won’t. Instead, we’ll teach you to say “I am sick,” and “you are beautiful” and “he is from Paris” and “we are lost” and “they are intelligent.” As a result, you’ll know how to conjugate “to be”—and a whole lot more besides!


So can you actually learn enough French in one week
to talk to the locals?

Yes, you can. With Audible French’s simple method and your own diligence, you will be speaking French by this time next week. Of course, it will be basic French, and you’ll need to build on your grammar, syntax, and vocabulary as you get more practice in speaking the language. But IF you apply yourself to the Audible French system, you will have the fundamental tools you need to make yourself understood in a French-speaking country.


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“How Do I Know That This Course Will Work For Me?”

Simple! We’ve been using and perfecting this system of learning French for the last couple of years.

And here’s what some of our users said after they’ve put Audible French to the test…

Lee-Ann Conlan said on September 10th, 2013
This French course is exciting, well written & jam packed with everything you need to learn the basics of French and so many extras in a few days. Not only will it teach you basic words & phrases, but they throw in grammar & conversations too! You are able to read & listen to audio recordings in order to hear how the words are pronounced. This course is great for anyone who wishes to learn the basics or needs to communicate basic words & phrases while travelling, for business, or just for the urge to learn the language. With all the extras, this course will put you on the right path to learning French fluently.
Simone said in June, 2013
I really enjoyed my experience while using Audible French. It’s easy to use, and the playback buttons, which let you listen to the words, help you keep focused on learning without getting distracted by other things. I also found that the slow playback button was very useful because French is very focused on pronunciation so you can really focus on getting it right. The vocabulary was not overwhelming in the amount you get per lesson, and the majority of the words are very useful in every day conversation. Grammar, which is often something that people struggle the most with when learning French, is simply explained and easy to grasp, because you don’t get overwhelmed with too many rules at once. I very much enjoyed using this tool and look forward to improving quickly while learning with Audible French!
Kathryn said in November, 2012
I had fun with the course, and actually learned something. It is very helpful to see how the phrases are structured with the audio backup for each phrase. I would never have been able to pronounce anything properly without the audio. I thank you for this marvelous opportunity to learn how to speak another language. I do not think that $67 is a lot for such a comprehensive learning experience. Learn today, speak forever…. Again, I thank you… Warm Regards Kathryn
Stacey said in October, 2012
I love Audible French! It is easy to follow and I love that it is like a story with characters. If you didn’t even know how to say hello, my name is … by the end of this lesson plan you will be say 10 times more. It’s brilliant! I think that ($67) is reasonable for this wonderful product. Kind regards, Stacey
Wendy Saunderson said in October, 2012
My husband travels a lot in Africa for business, a lot of his colleagues are French speaking, and French is the communicating language in Africa. He decided to do a proper French course. I tried to do it with him without going to the classes, but the grammar is very intense so I fell behind quickly. Then I discovered this course. Quickly I could have short conversations with him, and I am teaching my 6 year old as well. I did however find that this course is focusing more on conversational French rather than the formal french my husband is taught. He still understands me though, which is all I need. This is so much fun to be able to communicate in a different language, and is definitely very cost effective…
Kyle Kleinsmith said in October, 2012
After my recent completion of the Audible French 7-day course, I have found it to be very useful and have already recommended it to three people thus far. For a beginner’s course, it is very informative and rather comprehensive. The one thing that I appreciated most about Audible French was that it addressed many different scenarios of day-to-day living. Another feature of the course that I appreciated was the native French accent of the speakers. This helped a lot with pronunciation. Many language courses focus too much attention on grammar (which is important), but at the end of the day, people need to communicate in a basic way and Audible French does a good job of adhering to this need. This 7-day course is indeed very helpful to someone who plans to visit a French speaking country on short notice. It provides you with enough knowledge of the language to get by. In comparison to English, French seems to be a very complex language with many rules, but Audible French is a great tool to kick-start your journey into the French language.
Charl Visser from Cape Town said in August, 2012
I’ve been studying French for the past two years now and I have been extremely impressed with the layout and material provided with this package. First, the tips on how to study French, for me, were the biggest eye opener – the best one being the need to “find a way to learn French that matches the way you learn in general.” I cannot emphasize how important this is. It lets you know what your strength is. For example, I’m an auditory learner, thus listening and hearing French is the best way to learn. I’m not fond of books (though this course has made me want to read more). I think the biggest compliment I can give this course is that it makes you want to learn. When you have the desire, you’ll always want more, which can only be a good thing. Compared to other courses out there, it’s definitely value for money. Merci
As you can read from the feedback we’ve received, Audible French works because we designed it specifically to get you speaking French in as little as 7 days. That means you can put what you’ve learned into use right away.


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P.S. Remember, Audible French will provide you with everything you need to speak basic French in as little as 7 days. With the knowledge you learn you’ll be able to improve you grades in French class, travel with confidence, and carry out a basic conversation with French locals.

P.P.S. Audible French will give you the solid foundation you need to continue your French language studies and build upon what you’ve learned if you ever decide to do so.

P.P.P.S. Audible French is completely unique. No other course will give you all you need to start speaking basic French in as little as 7 days — but Audible French will.

P.P.P.P.S. Still got questions? Visit our Frequent Ask Questions page here.